Lufuclad v6

-Pretty much all messing with map stuff.

Current controls for map
Hold X and use directions to control the camera.
Press C to move to a space.

Implemented the beginning of the map.
A lot of features will come down to how the world map and areas work, so I'll make another post soon going over it soon. The style and random stuff you see on the example will have pretty deliberate reasons for being the way they are.

Still no real gameplay loop yet. Since next time is H update, probably won't be till the next one that Energy is implemented, which is what a lot of the game mechanics will center around.


  1. *sharp inhale* Niiiiiiiice!!

  2. Should Energy affect Stamina in any way? I would imagine it just lowers one's maximum Stamina until one gets rest.

    The map looks very neat already though~!

    1. It will, for sure. Depleted energy is the closest thing to a fail state the game will have, as far as the normal gameplay loop goes.