Next week

Will be delaying this update till next week.

Currently doing an X-ray feature, and I could finish it today, but it would only be half functional without some of the other functionality that goes with it.

That and it's one of those dull feeling times where I'm not really in it. I'd say I should take a break but there's not really much to break to.

Lufuclad v14

Download V14

-Enemies are now persistent entities
-Enemies now have  names
-Charged attacks now do more damage and hitstun
-Dash now consumes stamina
-Jizm meter and bottom huds for future use.

This update involved a lot of framework stuff. Enemies are no longer "random" within levels, but generated outside of levels as a persistent entity, given an ID and stats, and sent to levels. This means that I can now make enemies leave or enter an area, level up, have persistent attributes, etc. I can also now start adding resources to levels as they function the same way.

Names will not be visible at all times, just temporary thing. There will also be different naming sets for each race, whereas right now it is 100% random, and does not follow any sort of theme.

In future updates, enemies will not be killed when defeated, but rather knocked out/knocked down. This is because killing enemies will not always be in the player's best interest. Continuing to attack a down enemy will kill them and remove them from the game. (Or sent to some sort of spirit graveyard, where they can be brought back, for a time.)

The next few H updates will probably be fairly simple, as I need to spend a little more time getting some of the framework done (Which I need to do to make the game have any sort of gameplay loop).

Lufu v12

Download v12

-Added timed parry. Restores stamina to full.
-Parry sound effects.
-Made it so home tile appears in center of map. (No internal zone yet)
-Enemy changes
-Changed current map gen to avoid tiny pits. Made current gen more flat until more features added.

-Fixed palette file not being read. Added more slots.
-Fixes a few misc bugs.

Update was late cause I was sick as a dog.

Obviously all of the fighting stuff is fairly temporary, but I've made the parry function this way since it makes the most sense for now. I initially tried doing an animation for the parry but it looked kinda dopey, and I don't know that I'm going to keep the current attacks anyway so I scrapped it.

Lufuclad v11

- Added Dive move for dominant H. Press V to use. (currently only works on Slug)
- Added ability for H animations to have layers
- Slug H animation
- Misc changes

This more or less encompasses two updates, since allowing the player to H enemies required a bit of programming.

After using the H-move on an enemy, press C or up to thrust, and down or X to back out.


Today's update will be delayed due to the untimely interference of an asshole hurricane.

Lufu V10

Download v10

-Initial map generation elements.

Most of the work in this update was adding stuff for later. This includes storing information in each tile about it's attributes, the ability to add and remove "patches", checking a tile for info, and checking a tile for it's "parent" tile so that an entire patch and everything on it could be destroyed.

As it is now, a patch area can now be entered from anywhere on the patch. I'll probably make it so that some patches will have different sub areas (such as shops, or other buildings) which will only be accessed by standing on them (the player's home, for example).

The 3d now looks worse because of a bug in GM that won't allow me to use tiles in orthographic mode. For that reason, I have to use perspective mode. RIP

This version still contains some bugs from the last version wherein seeing inflation with an animation that doesn't have it throws an error message. It will be fixed in the next update.