Wrong time, wrong format. v38 rip

Download Lufu v38

-Added Wind spirit (only H is her raping male enemies)

Stopping development for now.

Long story short, Lufuclad is a game which should be very enjoyable to make, but the current method of developing it makes it a bad experience to play, and very stressful to work on.

The problem is that with only two days per week, I don't have enough time to fully implement most of the features that I work on each update. As a result, things are left unfixed and future updates are built on a broken system, which makes development  time consuming and frustrating. The stop-and-go nature also breaks the flow of development, wherein I sometimes have to wait 2 weeks before I get to go back and fix something (at which point I'm less familiar with the problem and code).

The notion of setting arbitrary deadlines for myself is also horrible while I'm still building the core of the game. A bug doesn't care how much time I have to work on it, or if I lose 5 hours from insomnia. It's done when it's done, and rushing to fix it just creates more problems, while releasing the game before it is fixed is little more than an EXE that shows you an error message.

Full-time game after a future release,
So, I will be working on the game again once Noaika (and probably another project) are released.
I like Lufuclad, and the concept of it, and I want to enjoy making it. I don't want people to play a broken, incomplete game.

Once I begin working on it again, I will work on it full time, completing the underlying systems and overall gameplay loop behind closed doors. After that is done, I will continue working on it full time while releasing new content as it is finished, whenever it is finished. After a certain amount of the content is finished, I'll finish the rest behind closed doors, as a full game. So that even for those who have played it before, it can be played as a new, complete experience. I think ongoing projects are doomed to be worse for it, to all but those who have never played it.

Anyhow, that's all for now. I will be deciding over the course of the next week what I will be working on instead of Lufuclad in my free time, but it will not be anything with a similar format, or deadlines.

No update. Preview.

Won't be an update this weekend.

Decided I wanted an aerial enemy instead (Was funny cause someone commented about a lack of air enemies as I was in the process of making one.)

The previous design will be used, but this one will come first.
Designing a new one sort of took up time for the update, so I don't have time to implement the enemy. Her sprites are done, but she will be implemented next weekend.

She will have a few wind based attacks, including some that blow entities around.


In progress design for new enemy.

I may shift focus when it comes to how I add enemies.  I don't know that having all the stages in animations adds much, in terms of appeal. I think that for most people, it's probably preferable to have more poses, rather than more stages within a pose. (stages as in enter, exit, etc)

So, I may focus on adding more enemy types faster, but with H animations more like the blob's (simple thrusting). Then, if people like an enemy in particular, I can develop that character more, or perhaps have people vote on what enemies I should develop turn into more "complete" characters.

That way I can add more one-off enemies that do something specific, and aren't meant to be played. (though they still could be, just not with many moves or actions.)

I'm also thinking about how I want to handle mods early on, when it comes to existing enemies.
I'll probably include sprites of each new enemy and then make it so modders can modify individual animations, and inject them into an existing character (for example, modifying an idle or sex pose, but nothing else).

Alternatively, the player could make their own character using the sprites as a base and choosing the OG enemy's behavior as behavior for the new one.  For example, if you chose the goblin as a behavior type, it's attack would have the kick's functionality.

Lufu v37

Download Lufu v37

-Added basic character mods. (add your own characters)
-Example mod character. (Not meant to be a fleshed out enemy)

You can now add basic characters by creating an image for each action. (For now they must be male, or futa. Ability to have female characters will be added later)
These images will automatically be detected based on the name of the file, and the character will appear in the game like other enemies. You can also spawn an added enemy by pressing space.

For more specific directions, check the help file included in the "modding resources" folder, which also contains template images for creating actions. The actions must be created with the template size, and the sprites must be aligned to it.

In the future, there will be more control over added enemies. However the goal of this update is to make the minimum for modding as low as possible. I will also add other conveniences in the future to make it a bit easier. It will also be possible to add more poses to each type (I may do this in a quick update next weekend, just because it wont take long.)

There will be no big update next weekend, since I spent 4 days on this one. rip.

Lufu v36

Download Lufu v36

-Added workbench
-Added watering can
-Changed flower hitbox and added cooldown timer.
-Plant and field graphics (not implemented yet)

Spawn a watering can to mess around with by pressing space.
The workbench can be created and placed, but it does not function yet. It will be used to create tools like the watering can.

Lufu v35

-Flower trap + H (kiss type, for now, however it will use grab animation later)
-Enemies are not all hostile.
-Name jitter fix

Timing may be off for some animations due to a change.
Flower trap will be developed more later.
Later, upon meeting the player for the first time enemies will show the "?" bubble, at which point they will take a few moments to form a first impression. They will also do this with other enemies.
A bubble will show their intended behavior or action. (though maybe not for aggressive actions.)

For now it happens every time and no relationship is saved yet.


Download Lufu v34

-Storage chest.
-Lumber box.
-Add to lumber count by throwing at lumber box.
-Item transfer between inventories.
-Depth changes.
-Misc fixes and changes.

Opening the inventory near a container will allow you to transfer items to the container.
Using the container will also go directly to the inventory. (right now they are all linked together, but it will not be this way in the future.)

Throwing wood at the lumber box will add to a wood count. This count is what will be used to build things. The count will be per-patch, so having high wood at home will not allow you to build in other patches.