Hello darkness my old friend.

Download Lufu v24

-New enemy.
-New H
-Sounds and sound changes
-New attacks (up while on the ground. Down after flipping)
-Get up faster
-Bounce off walls when hit.
-Cant get knocked out of the level
-"second wind" mechanic. (hit enemy while at 0 stamina)

Don't bother reporting bugs, there will be plenty

Up button doesn't work for an attack since it interferes with climbing, so this won't stay the same. If anything, it will be up + attack.

New H animation is a little rough. The animation "type/pose" is not fully programmed yet so it doesn't function 100% correctly.


This is one of those updates isn't it....

Ended up just not finishing the update in the time I expect at all. Reason it's taking longer is that I needed to

-animate cat H
-animate new enemy H
-animate new enemy
-program new enemy
-program attack grabs
-sounds for new enemy

I still have to do,

-Program new H animation type
-Program new enemy spawning based on night time
-Program fainting

At this point I may as well just leave it until next weekend.
I'm "supposed" to update regardless of progress, but when I add stuff, it feels like  a waste to add them half finished. Not sure if there's any way around it, at this point in development given that it's all still just adding framework.

Anyhow, if it's finished today (the next 10 hours) I'll upload it, but if not I'll do the rest this weekend along with the next update.


Update will be tomorrow. Ended up getting bored and adding a new attack and some other stuff so I still need to finish programming the H animation and new enemy.

In the meantime, I'm trying to think of ways that stamina can be restored mid-combat. During testing, I just find that waiting for stamina to go back up breaks the flow too much . Som ways I've considered are:

1. If a sweet spot attack is landed with your last sliver of stamina, stamina is restored.
2. Every time you attack an enemy with a weak hit, it fills up a "second wind" meter. If the bar reaches max, stamina is restored, rewarding the risk of attacking without stamina.

The first one I will try is 2. Any other suggestions?

In general I've also been messing with the specifics of combat a little. With the last update, I realized I was slowing things down way too much, at least considering the game's simplistic state atm. I'll be trying to limit "unfun" stuff a little more, and instead give enemies more options, rather than weakening the player too much.

I'm also still thinking about controls a lot. With the cat, I added a new attack, and I'm realizing more and more that using up and down for block and dodge is far too limiting. I want more moves and I need buttons for it, or button combinations.

Anyhow that's all for now. Back to work.

Lufu v23

Download Lufu v23

- Add section of inventory that will be used to equip items.
- Using an attack now uses a weapon if it is equipped. (In the slot seen in the screenshot.)
-You start with a sword in-hand, just to show how equipping works.

The Cat's attacks will normally use the effect seen in previous versions ( the straight one) when no weapons are equipped. However I will have to do more work to make it switch between that, and the swing seen in this version.

When equipping a sword, it will look like it does in this version. The difference seen in
Equipping a weapon will change the swing effect, attack power, speed, and range, knockback, etc.
I will also probably make it so that a few tools also just use the enemy's attacks as a base (things like pick axes, axes, etc)

Everything is still going to be fairly broken for a while. This weekend will be the dominating animation for the cat.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Sneeze.

Update will be postponed for a couple days due to nasopharyngitis.

All the things broke.

Download Lufu v22

-A bunch of stuff broke.
-Climbing (hold up while jumping at a wall)
- Basic Cat H animation for enemies. (A fairly basic one, however next update will also have more H for her)
- Made is so if characters lack an animation, they default to what they do have.
- Temporarily changed plains level generation so you have something to climb.

Most of the stuff I worked on since the last update is not in the game yet (such as caves).
I will be using the cat character for a few updates, since making the cat enemy playable broke a bunch of old player stuff , and I need to reprogram a few things related to the player/picking other chars, so that it isn't one or the other..

There will especially be a lot of broken and in-progress stuff in the next few updates since a lot of it isn't going to work until it's all there together.

Don't worry about bugs in this one cause there's a lot of em.

Next week

Sorry for the delays. I had planned to take a break over Christmas, but I kinda just ended up working the same as usual, so January has ended up taking the bullet.

The main thing I worked on was an annoying bit of level generation code (cave generation and auto-tiling). Next weekend I'll go back to posting updates. First will be H for cat, and a couple other things.

Sorry again for the delay, will be back at it soon.