Shifting gears.

I've decided to postpone this weekend's update. I'm feeling a bit meh lately, so I want to sink my teeth into a more substantial set of changes.

Here is what I will be doing:

- Updating the human player to be playable again.
- Make the Cat functional as an enemy.
- Combat stance.
- Some form of  H.


One of the issues I have with this game is control schemes. I don't have enough "good" buttons to use on keyboard for all the moves and/or actions I want to be available to the player. So I will be separating combat and interaction into two different states.

While I may have other stances, for now my plan is for it to simply be a toggle between combat and non-combat. (Probably the shift button, by default, though shift may be kept as an action button, and stance may be something else.)

Combat Stance
This will include all of the player's attacks. The player will not interact with certain objects when in combat mode. This will prevent the player from using objects when they intended to attack, and will free up some buttons for extra attacks/combat functions.

This stance may also be used similar to games like Gothic, where NPCs will take note of your stance. With enemies being threatened by a combat stance.

Social Stance
In this stance, all buttons are used for interaction, and there are no attacks. Holding out items, activating objects, and other stuff will be performed in this stance. Even though the non combat stance does not have attacks, it may contain aggressive H actions, or submissive H actions.

Anyhow, that's all for now. The update may be sometime in the middle of the week, or next weekend. It will be another exception where I work on it for longer than 2 days.


Download v28

-Trees spawn in patches
-Cut down trees
-Wood item
-H-masking fixes
-Targeting changes (still kinda finicky)
-House position is now random. (preparation for the ability to place them  anywhere)

I plan on adding some bushes which can be destroyed by hand, which will give you sticks.
Trees will only be possible to cut down using an axe. Cutting them down in the current matter is just to show em off.

As usual, don't bother reporting bugs. Not much point at this stage.


-cat dominate animation. (L shift neat an enemy while they are standing and the yellow arrow is visible )
-beginning of targeting (for actions and selecting).
-enemy knockout

Shift to dominate an enemy. (currently only works when theyre standing. Later will work when theyre knocked out.)
"escaping" a dominate animation breaks the enemy.

Don't bother with bug reports, I'm generally aware of most bugs.

Lufu V26

Download v26

-Expandable Wheel Menu
-Build Menu
-Lumber Box/placing items

The lumber box will be used to store wood. Wood stored in the lumber box will allow it to be used anywhere within the same zone.

Needless to say, there will be requirements for buildings things later. The lumber box will require some wood to be in your inventory, for example.
If a bug is easy to find, I already know about it.

Lufu v25

- New H, goblin pose, cat pose
- Womb graphic reactivated.
- Different dick graphic for each enemy.
- Enemies more persistent.
- Enemies now enter your house when nearby if you're in it.
- H now snaps to bed if nearby.
- Added ability to jump on enemies while holding jump (after releasing).
- Start in house.

-Game crashed when night enemy appears. Fixed it just now

Enemies will follow you if you enter within a certain distance. This will have more conditions later.
As furniture and other objects are added, many of them will act as surfaces for H.
Hud layers and fading will be fixed later.
Items removed for now.

Update (no new version)

There won't be a new version this weekend. I worked on a few things that ended up being a bit annoying, but they don't amount to an update by themselves.

Before, a "patch" (the light green parts of the map) contained one area. Every tile of it would lead to the same area. Tiles outside this space contained no areas.

Now, patches contain multiple areas. That means that even at your starting patch, there are 9 areas, where before there was just 1.

This way the player will also have more to do in any given area of the map, rather than moving between multiple patches in quick succession. It will also make each patch feel like more of a "place" rather than just one big long 2d screen

The other change to patches is that you can now enter a tile with no patch.  These areas will be tiny, and will contain little to nothing. These areas will be used for things like setting up temporary camp, events, or if a battle takes place on the tile. If enemies ever appear on the map, interactions with them may also take place here.

The other change is that the player will no longer start the game on the world map. Instead, they will start the game within their house. This ended up being the annoying part, since the way the game works you can't just "teleport" to a room easily, you must go through each room that leads to it, so that level generation and such could play out for the first time. After a few error messages and flying houses, though, it works now.

I'm still trying to decide how I want the initial gameplay loop to work, though the change to patches will make this much easier. Initial goals will likely involve gathering food while cutting down trees, which will lead to the ability to travel farther on the world map. Ideally, I should be able to make it so there's stuff to do in the initial area, and as development goes on, the goals that are added will involve going further and further from the home patch, until eventually there's enough content that it's more dynamic, and unpredictable.

Anyhow, that's all for now. Next weekend will be an H update. Maybe fruit bushes, finally.

Hello darkness my old friend.

Download Lufu v24

-New enemy.
-New H
-Sounds and sound changes
-New attacks (up while on the ground. Down after flipping)
-Get up faster
-Bounce off walls when hit.
-Cant get knocked out of the level
-"second wind" mechanic. (hit enemy while at 0 stamina)

Don't bother reporting bugs, there will be plenty

Up button doesn't work for an attack since it interferes with climbing, so this won't stay the same. If anything, it will be up + attack.

New H animation is a little rough. The animation "type/pose" is not fully programmed yet so it doesn't function 100% correctly.