Download Lufuclad 21.Cat 

I'm most of the way through adding the cat enemy.
Rather than wait till I finish the H, I may as well upload a version where you can mess around with the character.

It's still a bit janky, but it should be enough of a preview of what enemies will all play like, and how the hitbox thing works.

Also, updates in December won't be at any particular time. I'm more or less taking a break from most work for the rest of the month. I'll work on Lufuclad here and there an upload the H update at some point before the month is over.

Plan for weapons

Update won't be this weekend. I'm adding a female enemy. Since I'll be taking a break for Dec after this update I figure I may as well finish the enemy entirely.

I've decided more or less how I'll be handling a few things concerning enemies,weapons, and attacks.

Male enemies will primarily be animated and programmed the way you've seen in the past. They won't always have things like jump animations, and their attacks can be anything. This means that when you play as them, the gameplay experience won't be very streamlined.

On the other hand, I will be programming every female enemy with the intent that they could be played in a semi normal way (including using weapons), just with a different moveset.

Every weapon will be have 3 parts
- The weapon the character holds.
- A slash effect
- A stab effect

The player will use all three parts. The weapon will be rotated with code to match the player's animation, and the effect will be rotated and scaled depending on the attack. It will look similar to how it looks in the game now, however there will be more moves.

For female enemies, they will only use the slash or stab effect. For example the above punch would probably use the stab effect. You just wouldn't see the physical weapon.

In this way, enemies will still be able to equip weapons. For example, equipping a claymore would slow down the attack animation and make the slash larger. However the attack itself can still be a punch or a kick. Every attack will have a defined direction/size for the slash/stab. In some cases, enemies will not have slash effects when you fight them by default (like the above punch), though technically it would be simple to make it so enemies can pick up or be given weapons.

This way, every female enemy will be a sort of pseudo extra character (most of them anyway). I will also do this with certain male characters, thought not nearly as many as the female enemies.

Eventually when modding is added, I will include a simple editor so that when the player adds enemies they can apply arcs and stabs. Will also be needed for a few other things.

Lufu 21

-Night version of song and ambiance.
-Room transitions
-Hunger and energy stuff
-Time, hunger, energy cost for map movement
-Treaded ground
-Set attack speed from slow weapon to what would be a fast weapon for kicks
-Enemies temporarily drop food.

Stat stuff. It doesn't have consequences yet, but it is similar to what the initial decay of stats will be. Normally you will get food by finding it, but for now enemies just drop it, as a primary source.

Exploring new areas on the world map will come with a cost, so it will usually be done slowly and when the player is "stable". Seems extreme right now since sources of food are low. When you walk on ground it becomes treaded/ a path. It costs less resources to walk across the path, allowing the player to come and go more easily to explored areas.

Energy is the blue bar in the top right. Later in development attacking and doing anything productive will consume energy. When energy is at 0, the player will be unable to do "working" actions. Attacks will be in the weak state, and stamina will not regen.

If the player has food meter when sleeping, it will regenerate energy essentially "using" the food meter. However, if the player has lost health, it will restore health first, and then restore energy with what remains.

To clothing or not to clothing

Should there be clothing sets? What about alternate characters?

Currently, there are not many attacks available to the player. This is because for every attack I add, it adds to the amount of work I would need to do when adding a new set of clothing.

There are a few options,

If there are no clothing sets, there could be an unlimited number of moves and attacks. Or, even if there is a small amount of clothing (dress, armor, x, x) it would still be viable to have a lot of attacks. Or, it would be possible to make attacks clothing dependent, or make it so some outfits have no attacks at all. That way adding an outfit doesn't mean animating all of the attacks.

However, if there's no clothing (or very little) you lose out on the fun of finding clothing, wearing clothing for different situations, etc. There can't really be a gear finding focus, at least for visible clothes.

The other question is, what about alternate characters?

Alternate characters could be added who play differently, yet do not have the polished event or clothing animations of the protagonist. They would also have a smaller number of H poses. At most, maybe 1-2 alt outfits.

The other option is, there could be no main character at all. Have a small number of characters (3-5), who all play differently, with different attacks. It might still be viable to give each of them an outfit of each type, if there are only 3-4 outfits. However the disadvantage would be that there would be no super polished event animations. (For example if I add a hot-tub on a whim, currently I could make an animation for it, whereas doing 4 animations for all the characters every time I add something is less viable.)

Lufu v20

Lufuclad v20

- Hopper (dominated) pose.
- Working inventory
- Pocket items. First slot of inventory functions as "in-hand" item.
- Fog of War for map.
- Item persistence.
- Enemies can now hit items
- Player can hit items.
- Added Goblin ability to jump and attack
- Added some more voices to the current voice set.
- Now include current controls in the folder.

The item spawning in your hand at the start of each room is just for testing, since there is no nautural spawn for them yet.

I still need to sort out what controls will do what.
Currently the item button enters doors, but this will need to be changed at some point.

Getting close to being able to have actual gameplay. I've made it so items stay where they are left. Zones can now contain items and objects, spawn enemies, etc. The next step will be to spawn some bushes with food, and add hunger/stamina.

Hard part will be figuring out a balance this early in the game, where there isn't much to do.

H animations

Currently, all the sex poses in the game have been what I would call "shared" or "global". That is, even if a slug has 1 animation, and the player has 10 poses, the player can use those 10 poses with the slug's 1 animation.

Likewise, if a new playable character is introduced, or a monster has sex with a female enemy, all of the male's poses can be used with the female character. 

Basically it adds a lot of openness. However, it is also limiting. They all work within a very specific controlled system that will allow me to do things like change the speed based on stats, player control, etc.

"Unique" animations would be ones like those in Eroico, or the average H game. Each animation is unique, and does not need to follow any sort of formula or template. As a result the animations are more specific to the characters involved, and in general are of higher quality. However there is less player input and they are less modular.

There are a few routes I can pursue with the animations.

1. Mostly global animations. This would mean a few pose types per enemy, and covering basic global poses. Yet, also include 1-2 unique animations that can ONLY be done with the player. This would limited the H when playing with other characters, but make each enemy a bit more unique in the main game.

2. Mostly unique animations. This means the animations would be all over the place, and I could have a bit more fun with them. However, global animations would be very limited, and would be limited to the basics. (for example a goblin would probably just have 1 fuck animation, and 1 pose for being dominated).

3. All global animations. If all poses are global, I could cover a lot of types that every enemy would have. So for example every enemy could have a blowjob animation, a double blowjob, a fuck animation, alternate fuck, etc. And female enemies would be able to take part in any of these animations. The downside is that they would all feel less unique. (This is how it is now, just not with all the pose types yet. Right now there are 3. Player blowjob and dominating fuck are an example of the same type being capable of looking different, and every pose type would still look different for each enemy)

Needless to say, nothing is set in stone, however I'd like to know what the average player thinks they would value between these three options.