Lufu v35

-Flower trap + H (kiss type, for now, however it will use grab animation later)
-Enemies are not all hostile.
-Name jitter fix

Timing may be off for some animations due to a change.
Flower trap will be developed more later.
Later, upon meeting the player for the first time enemies will show the "?" bubble, at which point they will take a few moments to form a first impression. They will also do this with other enemies.
A bubble will show their intended behavior or action. (though maybe not for aggressive actions.)

For now it happens every time and no relationship is saved yet.


Download Lufu v34

-Storage chest.
-Lumber box.
-Add to lumber count by throwing at lumber box.
-Item transfer between inventories.
-Depth changes.
-Misc fixes and changes.

Opening the inventory near a container will allow you to transfer items to the container.
Using the container will also go directly to the inventory. (right now they are all linked together, but it will not be this way in the future.)

Throwing wood at the lumber box will add to a wood count. This count is what will be used to build things. The count will be per-patch, so having high wood at home will not allow you to build in other patches.

Lufu 33

-Added kiss pose type and cat kiss.
-Worked on pleasure system stuff
-Misc fixes

Pretty small update. A lot of time was spent doing future work for other stuff, but not much of it is seen in this update. For now, only the cat can kiss, and performs it like other animations. Later this will not be the case, but for now it is the only way.

Press P to preview what it might look like when pleasure is maxed out.
You can press page up or down to flip through some variations.
Pressing space will do a flash that will happen in a few cases.

Sounds in general need to be overhauled. In terms of when certain sounds are used.
The kiss doesn't have a good sound effect yet. I also need to reintegrate the voice properly.

I also temporarily disabled cum splashes because it will also be overhauled to account for depth. As it is now, it appears over stuff and that's no good.

Alternate stats

As mentioned in the last post about stats, the relationship stats would currently be:



As people have pointed out, disgust is the one stat that may be replaceable, since 0 appeal could be said to be disgust. While there are advantages to having disgust in terms of readability and context, there might be better options. Some examples might be,


Aggression seems like it might be the most useful to see visually since it would tell the player how close an enemy is to engaging in combat. Being around someone that doesn't like you, entering their home, stealing their stuff, hitting them, etc, would all probably raise aggression.

Can anybody think of an alternative to disgust that would have more of an impact, mechanically?
Keeping in mind that some thing like malice might be more suited to an individual stat (for example a bandit being more likely to do bad things to everyone.)


Wont be an update this past weekend. Need to program and do some stuff to implement what I was working on, so will have to wait till next weekend.

Was working and trying to decide how kissing would work. The plan is that kissing will have one main pose, with three directions of leaning, depending on who is being dominant. (and a few other parts.)

Seems trivial, but I had to spent quite a while deciding how the pose could work. Certain angles require more sprites, or certain positioning to transition well. Also need to use a pose that works well with enemies of different sizes.

Anyhow, thats all for now.

To answer a question about the stat post; you will be able to make decisions that fly in the face of your traits. Because traits would only reduce the amount of love,happiness, stats benifits, debuffs, etc, from having sex, or interacting with something, the player can still do them, the function of those things just might not be viable in the same strategies.

Also, when an enemy requests something, you will be able to manually choose. However, you will also be able to let it choose automatically based on your stats. Another option might be that making a choice opposite from your stats comes with a price (like happiness or energy), as a difficulty option.

interaction stats

Update will be tomorrow since I had to do some other stuff today.

In the meantime, I thought I'd go over the system I've been brainstorming for character interactions. There would be two types of stats, as well as traits and physical attributes that interact.

Individual stats
These are the internal stats that every entity will have. Some examples are:


Relationship stats
Every entity will also have a relationship status with entities they have met. These stats will dictate some behavior between the two entities. The stats are one-way, so two entities will not necessarily feel the same way about each other. For now, these stats are,

-Love/hate (red heart)
-Submissive/dominant (arrow)

These stats would raise or lower quickly depending on the context, whereas love/friendship/hate would be long-term. Aka a character could be afraid of you, and run away, but it would not negatively effect love, and the fear would subside.

This is how appealing an enemy is to the other. For example, a slug would have a high appeal to a cat that has "likes slimy things". A high appeal would make positive interactions have more impact, and make an entity more likely to interact.

This is an entity's current lust for the other. An entity with high lust would be more likely to request sex, or attempt to force themselves on the other. This is not the same as "arousal", which is how aroused an entity is on a global level. For example a mind controlled enemy might have high lust for a specific entity, but nobody else.

Fear would increase if an entity is attacked, or the victim of negative actions. If fear is high enough, the entity might fight defensively, run away, leave the area, or cower.

This is the opposite of appeal. If a cat has the trait "hates slimy things", then it would have a higher disgust level towards a slug. However, an entity can have a high disgust level while also having a high appeal level.

(red heart) This represents your overall relationship with the enemy, be it love, hate, friendship, or neutral etc. This would be increased over time by things like giving gifts, or doing things that the other likes in general.

(arrow) This represents the overall sexual dynamic. Raping an enemy a lot would make them more submissive, and being raped would make them dominant (the dynamic might also occur through talking). Consensual offers would keep it even.

Traits would be things that affect stats , or how they are used.
Here are some examples,

Shy: Fear increases slowly around entities with whom they have high appeal or lust.
One track mind: Appeal lowers as lust increases.
In Heat: Arousal increases, and lust is set to 100%, once per X days.
Elegant combat: Fighting raises appeal.
Loyal: When married or in a relationship, lust for entities other than their spouse is always 0.

Current questions...
All that said, I'm still unsure about some elements of these stats. For example, should traits only be one-way? That is, should a trait like "elegant combat" be capable of raising appeal towards you, or should such a traits be limited to:

Likes fighting: Finds entities who are fighting appealing.

Anyhow, that's all for now. Feel free to post your own suggestions for traits, or how they might be used. 

Lufu v32

-31_1 fix bug when sleeping, and key messages.
-Sprint by dashing.
-Enemies retain hp values when you leave
-Bushes that grow fruit every 4 days.
-Jiggly graphics fixed.
-Help menu (which lies about N)

It will be possible to toggle names and health bars.
Health bars may also disappear after a moment.

Need to fix jiggly text.