Version v8

-Basic terrain generation
-Auto tiling
-Short song for the map.
-Added arrow to map cursor (later this will always point in the direction pressing up will send you.)

Terrain generation is not perfect yet. You will sometimes see some corners which have not assigned the proper tile.

There is little depth to the generation at the moment. More terrain "types" will be added later, and levels will be generated around the position of enemies and items, rather than everything being random. The generation is divided into "rooms", though you can't see it yet.

Current version is just set up so you can easily see a few rooms generated.
World map is simple at the moment since I haven't programmed that aspect of generation yet.

Map generation. What to do about cliffs?

I'm currently programming random map generation, and one of the issues I've run into is the matter of steep drop-offs.

Initially, I had programmed steep inclines to have platforms, but for gameplay reasons I also want there to be large dropoffs without platforms. Problem is, how is the player going to get back up?

I've already considered the idea of having ropes for climbing to unreachable platforms, however that would be to reach optional areas or items. Having a cliff means that the player needs to have a way up, even if they have no resources to work with. Normally in this sort of game cliffs aren't an issue since you can just mine your way through, but I explicitly want to try and avoid treading the same path as games like terraria/minecraft.

Currently, I think my best best is probably climbing that requires stamina, ala BOTW. Though that still potentially causes the problem that if the player finds themselves with no energy, and thus no stamina, they could not climb certain surfaces.

I could leave the player to their fate I suppose. Enemies will be glad to take the player elsewhere...

Version v7-H

Link to v7

-Worked on H animation code (poses work with each other.)
-Added Goblin enemy
-Added Goblin animation. (It can also re-use the slug's)

Apparantly I messed up and you can't leave areas.
Use f1 (or is it R...?) to restart. Doesn't matter too much for now since there's no real gameplay yet.

Map plans

My current plan for the map is that certain tiles will have different functions/meanings. Figured I'd go over them to give an idea as to the game's direction.

1. Blank tile
2. Tile modifier
3. Area "patch"
4. Map Object


In general, much of the game will revolve around "energy", which will be restored by eating and sleeping, among other things. Energy will also be needed to do certain tasks, and fight.


When traversing the map, moving across a blank space will consume energy. This means that you cannot explore forever without the resources to do so.

Some tiles will have modifiers. For example, tile "2" would reduce the energy cost to travel across it.
Other types like rivers or other hazards would make it impossible to traverse across them through normal means.


Blank spaces do not have an in-game area associated with them.
Areas take the form of "patches". An area can be entered from any point on the patch. Entering a patch will take you to the platformer view. Any enemies also currently on the patch will appear in the patch's area.

The biom of an area will be dictated by the patch's ground and surrounding tiles. The size of the area will be determined by the size of the patch. Patches can be expanded or reduced in size through various means.

Some patches may also affect the surrounding tile. For example a blank tile may become a path if it is close enough to another area. Evil areas may poison or corrupt tiles around them making them more perilous.

Walking on a patch does not cost energy, as it is all considered one "tile"

New patches can appear in blank spaces, or be destroyed.

Map objects

Objects on a patch such as trees indicate that a resource is present in the patch's area. For example, if a patch contains trees, there will be trees available to cut down in the platformer view. If every tree were to be cut down, the trees would disappear from the patch.

Elements such as the house may change how the patch is treated by the player/enemies or add further modifiers. For example certain buildings could only be added to an area in a "home" patch. Likewise, a "monster lair" might become a "monster village" if enough enemies are in the patch, etc.

Map actions

Some actions are only performed on the map. For example, on a blank space the player could create a temporary camp that allows them to restore energy. The action would create a temporary area in the tile, which is gone after the action is completed. Certain events and encounters will also take place in blank spaces in this way.

It will also be possible to change or build things on the map. For example, resources could be spent to build bridges across a river, or build a road to reduce energy cost.

These plans may change as I go, but this is the basic premise I'll be operating on as I add stuff.

Lufuclad v6

-Pretty much all messing with map stuff.

Current controls for map
Hold X and use directions to control the camera.
Press C to move to a space.

Implemented the beginning of the map.
A lot of features will come down to how the world map and areas work, so I'll make another post soon going over it soon. The style and random stuff you see on the example will have pretty deliberate reasons for being the way they are.

Still no real gameplay loop yet. Since next time is H update, probably won't be till the next one that Energy is implemented, which is what a lot of the game mechanics will center around.

Lufuclad version 5H

-H animation. (For now happens during knockdown)
-Beginnings of stamina system.
-Bunch of misc stuff.
-Various H animation changes.

Still figuring out how exactly stamina will work. Added the basics though. It will change a lot as other mechanics are added, such as parrying. It will also be easier to figure out once I have some enemies with more movement and attack options.