In progress design for new enemy.

I may shift focus when it comes to how I add enemies.  I don't know that having all the stages in animations adds much, in terms of appeal. I think that for most people, it's probably preferable to have more poses, rather than more stages within a pose. (stages as in enter, exit, etc)

So, I may focus on adding more enemy types faster, but with H animations more like the blob's (simple thrusting). Then, if people like an enemy in particular, I can develop that character more, or perhaps have people vote on what enemies I should develop turn into more "complete" characters.

That way I can add more one-off enemies that do something specific, and aren't meant to be played. (though they still could be, just not with many moves or actions.)

I'm also thinking about how I want to handle mods early on, when it comes to existing enemies.
I'll probably include sprites of each new enemy and then make it so modders can modify individual animations, and inject them into an existing character (for example, modifying an idle or sex pose, but nothing else).

Alternatively, the player could make their own character using the sprites as a base and choosing the OG enemy's behavior as behavior for the new one.  For example, if you chose the goblin as a behavior type, it's attack would have the kick's functionality.


  1. Mod'team rise up!
    Let's keep things organized and reply to this comment chain if anyone need to post their mod link during this update. No talking to me, just posting.

    Have a great day everyone!

  2. As mods goes, having access to a setting file per character folder may help alot. Weither we inject extended animations with stages of your characters or use your base characters to study how behaviors works to create interesting ones, it's an essential tool to have.

    Some were worried about how mods may overtake the project (as in have too much influence on it) but it would be an interesting compromise to have you design and do unique animations (walk/idle/special attack/unique-H?) and let the modders grab existing poses to make the shared poses/animations and mix behaviors to complete your works.

    Kind of a symbiotic relationship between you and the community, it could be an interesting experiment to have at least a few weeks to see how it works out. I'm not usually fond of altering the dev's works much, because it sometimes rule out ideas both the dev and modders had (especially when people go "OC don't steal" and start causing trouble) but if it's part of the game design I'm all for adding stuff, especially if you include in the character's post ideas you wanted to implement if they get a completed version (like a guideline for us to follow).

    Like this, you wouldn't be overhelmed by work when introducing new characters, because there's honestly a ton of work left on game mechanics and building the world itself on top of the H-aspects...With things growing more ambitious, and the work schedule staying the same, it was only a matter of time before compromises had to be made. ^^"

    (I'll try to grab the wishlist of things people discussed about in the modding discord, about mod functionalities. Some checks like day/night or biome may come in handy later. Same for adding behaviors or restricting an animation to a specific target pose instead of random.)

    1. I don't think modding would ever get to that point. While I will expand modding possibilities as it makes sense, it will never be a situation were users have as many options as I do. For the most part, they will have access to everything that is a universal setting (when they sleep, stats, biome spawn chance, items they prefer, etc)

      Attacks and H will have their own setting files. You will be able to define things like how many times an animation loops, what H pose it does next, and if it shows up in the random pool or not.

  3. Okay, modding is really, really cool, it's neat that he added some modding stuff this early in development and I'm sure I'll end up grabbing a bunch of community-made characters in the long run, but I'm following this project primarily for Kyrieru's work, not anybody else's. Kyrieru has already said in prior comments that there will eventually be a settings file for mod characters (and I should hope so, that one's kind of a no-brainer). Please don't pressure him to focus on a shitload of modding capability before fleshing the game out more, the only one deciding that compromises "have" to be made is you.

    Personally, I'm much more excited about this new enemy, which already looks way better than everything I've seen out of the modding discord so far. Because, y'know, it's from that cool artist I like who has made a bunch of games I like, and not from a bunch of people trying their best to imitate his style.

    tl;dr Mods are neat and I hope everyone gets all the modding tools they want in the long run so I can fill my game with giant floating sentient cocks, but most of us are here because we love Kyrieru's work specifically and I for one don't want to see a bunch of poses for the vanilla game outsourced to people who aren't him.

    1. this was supposed to be a reply to the comment above but I managed to fuck that up somehow lmao whatever

    2. Anon:
      "Please don't pressure him to focus on a shitload of modding capability before fleshing the game out more, the only one deciding that compromises "have" to be made is you."

      You know, my message don't come out of nowhere.
      I'm simply responding to the concerns emmited in the blog post. There were obvious red flags about a will to focus on Dev time, not H time alone. They were already trapped in such a situation with the large patreon animations, it's only natural to not want the same predicament to happen to this project.

      My goal is actually the same as your:
      I want them to flesh out the game, not be trapped in a "H-updates only" because of the work time restrictions around this game. Art take time, animation is a huge time sink, so if they want to only do the basics and let the modders flesh out their works, at the end of the day it's still Kyrieru's designs and animations.

      It's just like when I did the male cat mod, It's still Kyrieru's sprites, just altered to create a counterpart to the female cat, not to replace her.

      My point about compromises was that time doesn't magically extend.
      Some game mechanics needs double-time to be programmed, which mean potentially just "background stuff not implemented yet for an update that makes wait 2 weeks for the next" may become commonplace when will come time to code in complex stuff.

      Having smaller updates (H-update) presenting a new character, with guidelines to follow, then letting the modders alter the character during the downtime of background stuff being programmed isn't that bad, really. It's kinda smart, even if really unusual.



      Yes, I understood that, sorry if there's misunderstandings.
      A wishlist is just a wishlist anyway, there's no obligation on your side. (Most of its content was things like what you just mentionned.) Just trying to understand the limitations and your vision about the project, because adding content while staying true to the original works isn't the easiest task in the world. ^^"

      I guess a good alternative to "create behaviors" would be a clear list/library of behaviors we can assign, once they are present in the game. Just like new shared poses, a library of things is totally fine for modders to work with.

      And if some don't understand how to use stuff, the more experienced modders can guide them or create tutorials, it's no big deal.

      But yeah, we need more control than this "leap forward, active on frame one" current attack. Everyone's already feeling the limitations of not having setting files.
      Still, nobody would be surprized if you wait to finish Phase_1 before making another mod update, take your time. The focus is, and should be, the main content of the game itself anyway.


      Anon (again):

      I'm exited for the new character too. Looks friendly but it's obvious all will start with a good brawl, it's a good archetype.Kyrieru said at one point that we will need an axe and "can't just punch the trees" in the future, so she may be the key to that.

      Rather than looting the weapon with a random chance, I can picture the axe being thrown as her special attack (projectile behavior, high target knockback/stun on hit so she have time to pick it up) and you can pick it up if it misses and it touch the ground.

      In which case she would sob (surrender behavior) and leave if you gift it back (accept gift/truce behavior) or run to call reinforcments if you leave with the axe. Maybe even being on the lookout for you if you re-enter the map after stealing from her.

      She have great possibilities that could both benefit base content and new behaviors to expend the mod-making library. But ignore this rambling, random brainstorming is just my way to show appreciation.
      It may seems "pushy" to you, but watching how different the dev's idea will turn out is actually the fun/interesting part of it.

    3. Suggesting that modders literally complete the game for the dev, and then making a post filled with your personal thoughts about how a character should work and saying "this might seem pushy to you but I'm just brainstorming for fun so it doesn't matter" doesn't leave a good impression, it just reeks of "idea guy."

      The dev making a game and fans making their own shit is cool, "presenting a new character with guidelines to follow so fans can finish it" is anti-cool.
      Comparing the patreon shit to this is apples to oranges. Trapped in a monetary obligation that you don't want to do anymore =/= working on a side project once a week, choosing exactly which part of it you want to work on. Shifting priorities on how enemies are implemented =/= a huge compromise and a sign that everything is falling apart and there's too much time spent on H-content and Kyrieru should outsource work to shitty imitations. It's not "kinda smart," it's the absolute opposite of why people follow cool one-man projects with a unique style.

      The game might takes multiple years to complete. There might be weeks of downtime, there might be MONTHS of downtime. That's fine by me, as long as Kyrieru drops in now and then to give updates of what's being worked on. It might get abandoned for a while as a result of burnout. I would still rather wait five years for this game to be done at Kyrieru's preferred pace than wait six months for it to be done with a bunch of work done by hack frauds.

      To be perfectly clear, the game should be made by the developer and mods should be done by modders. Make all the genderbent enemies you want, that's awesome, but stop pushing this "we'll do some of the work for you Kyrieru!" idea. You clearly mean well but people come here for the amazing art, animation, music, and gameplay from someone with a track record of being good at that stuff, not for a bunch of other people trying their best to replicate or edit it.

  4. This unofficial discord server has some cool mods

  5. The "animation injection" thing sounds real neat. If I understand it right, a good example would be someone modifying all the peepee-in-vageen poses to have big oversized penetration bulges?

    1. An example would be giving a particular character different clothing, hair, etc.

      Bulges wouldn't make much sense since everyone has a different sized dick, and also because the one doing the fucking my not always be fucking them with a dick. For example the cat licks.

    2. How would that even work? Will there be "layered sprites" with only clothes/hair in the sprites the game can choose from, or sub-folders with each combination on single, complete sprite?
      That may mean you'd need to separate the color-mod into at least three files too, for clothes to not magically change colors when someone else wears them.

    3. Oooh I see, so it's just edit X pose, not edit X pose in Y interaction. Yeah, that makes sense considering how sprites actually work.
      Still cool.

    4. Yes, you would only change X pose.

      For layer sprite thing, you would just be editing the sprite. Any colors not in the color mod would not be changed, so if you use all of the enemy's colors and add new ones, everything will be effected by the color mod except the clothes.

  6. hard disagree, stages are great, i wanted to have stages in the stuff i was modding with but didn't have the tools so i was hoping to see a scripting system to allow that :(

    1. That's what they're saying, that they may switch to only create new designs and poses base then let the modders make the stages. Would save time and help them focus on more important parts of the game than just H-scenes all the time.

    2. That's not what they're saying at all, try reading the post again.
      1) People will probably prefer more poses over more stages.
      2) Might focus on adding more enemies with basic H to be fleshed out later based on popularity (i.e. more stages/poses).
      3) Will probably include sprites for new enemies and allow modders to modify animations on existing enemies.
      4) Or they can make their own sprites and copy an existing enemy's behavior.

      "I want to add more enemies faster with basic animations and fully flesh out certain individual enemies" in no way implies that stages will be abandoned entirely, if anything it implies that there still will be animations with multiple stages, just for specific enemies. Making a post that mentions less multi-stage animations and also mentions modders being able to edit scenes does not mean "only modders will make the stages," I don't know where you got that from.

      @the first anon: Settings for modded characters will come eventually, no reason to think there won't be the possibility to make multi-stage animations along with that.

    3. I'm definitely not saying modders should pick up the slack for things. Modding is a side thing in general.

      As for stages, they will be available to modders fairly quickly.

  7. Are you planning on making the game's base assets accessible? If yes, ejecting everything except scripts out of would be simpler for modding. This way the folder/file structure would be easy to see. Then the game can overlay whatever is in the mod folder over the base game.

    So if someone wants to modify the slug's attack sprites, copying the base file from /lufu/character/slug/attack_0.png and putting it into /lufu/mods/character/slug/attack_0.png would allow them to make whatever changes they want without modifying the base game. Same for any other asset (UI, tilesets, sounds, etc). Adding H stages and changing (premade) behavior types would work the same way, just add files to the mod folder.

    As for enemies having only a few stages for now, I'd say go for it. The game is still far too early in development, and you might make some changes that phase out some of your previous work. Focus on expanding gameplay for now, and add more complex H later, when the game's more playable and stable (both with bugs and design).

    Also, to echo what the other guys have said, I prefer you'd focus on your own content over modding support.

    1. All resources will not be accessible, since GM cannot make texture pages with external resources.
      Modified resources will always be slower, for this reason. (Cause I'm not going to program texture pages myself. At least not now)

  8. It is good that you are working on a new female enemy.
    I ask a few questions:
    - If one day she includes it in the game, what name will be given to her?. Could it be something related to her battle axe, clothes and her little horns?.
    - I like that she has some clothes, it seems that she is prepared for cold biomes, do you think that the cat girl could have some clothes in the future?.
    - In the future there will be a male version of the cat girl?.
    - I remember that I saw in the old blog of kyrieru some test poses of three different enemies, a fox with tail and yellow hair, a cow girl with brown skin and an ogre with blue skin, It is possible that they will be included in the future?, (found as: pose system).

    A few things about character mods:
    - It is good that you can test your own enemy, but first it would be good to finish what is left of phase 1?, since anything new can end up breaking something.
    - Many custom enemies on the map reduces some of the performance.
    and a visual bug:
    - The backpack is not visible when we store an object.

  9. Oh. That will be interesting.

  10. Are you planning to make a mod where we can adjust how much the enemies could cum? (How much the womb fills up per ejaculation during sex)

    1. That would be an option in the settings file once it's changed in the game itself.

  11. That design is freakin' adorable, holy shit.

  12. The new enemy is looking pretty great. It would be fun to fight them and then take ~35 damage per swing so it would be hard to actually defeat them (unless you use the almighty stunlock), much like the catgirls.

    Defeating them could get you the axe, which could allow you to cut trees to build (makes sense to make cutting trees down only available with the axe when it gets added). Maybe you could also get their clothes if your planning on making animations for them.

    Definitely going to be a big update, not going to be surprised if it gets delayed to next week

  13. I think you should focus on just making enemy types first. Worry about fleshing them out and mod compatibility after you've got plenty of types for people to mess around with.

    Speaking of enemy types, are there any plans for flying enemies? The skies are awful empty...

  14. I think it would be better if the main character could rape the female enemies with a dick.

    1. Afaik you'll eventually be able to play as some of the male enemies, so that's in the cards, but lufu don't got no penis. Or if it's specifically futa you want, that should be coming too I think?

    2. Who knows, "futa potion" and "didlo belt" may become item/equipments in the future, no matter if official or modded.

    3. Every female enemy will have 2 simple futa animations (X and Y) for when they enter a futa state due to magic or otherwise.

  15. Will the 38 update come today?, Or will it be delayed again?. I wanted to know just in case.

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  17. here since May 2024 I wanted to know if the game is still in development or the project has already been advanced because the truth is I loved it and as I see that the comments are from 2020 I am losing hope since the game looks spectacular and that is exactly what I am doing looking for a long time