Version v8

-Basic terrain generation
-Auto tiling
-Short song for the map.
-Added arrow to map cursor (later this will always point in the direction pressing up will send you.)

Terrain generation is not perfect yet. You will sometimes see some corners which have not assigned the proper tile.

There is little depth to the generation at the moment. More terrain "types" will be added later, and levels will be generated around the position of enemies and items, rather than everything being random. The generation is divided into "rooms", though you can't see it yet.

Current version is just set up so you can easily see a few rooms generated.
World map is simple at the moment since I haven't programmed that aspect of generation yet.


  1. If you attack and block really quick you throw out hits really quick, but if you're hit while doing so, the game crashes.

  2. Amazing! Loved how it generated for me, this implementation will be a gem for this game

  3. I think a neat idea add Trees around those fields with some porcentual chance of food or enemies be hidden like spiders.

    1. Trees will be in the areas to be cut down/interacted with, and they will show up on the world map to indicate that trees are present in that area.

      Havn't programmed trees yet (or the inventory, or a few other things), so it will be a few updates before any of that happens.

  4. i hope to be here for all of this game, it looks very interesting