Lufu V10

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-Initial map generation elements.

Most of the work in this update was adding stuff for later. This includes storing information in each tile about it's attributes, the ability to add and remove "patches", checking a tile for info, and checking a tile for it's "parent" tile so that an entire patch and everything on it could be destroyed.

As it is now, a patch area can now be entered from anywhere on the patch. I'll probably make it so that some patches will have different sub areas (such as shops, or other buildings) which will only be accessed by standing on them (the player's home, for example).

The 3d now looks worse because of a bug in GM that won't allow me to use tiles in orthographic mode. For that reason, I have to use perspective mode. RIP

This version still contains some bugs from the last version wherein seeing inflation with an animation that doesn't have it throws an error message. It will be fixed in the next update.


  1. I can see how the overall map would look based on the new "patch/tile" style, especially towns. It's a step in the right direction for a nice looking map. (will it remain plain or have tiles that simulate elevation?)

    Simple starting quests like "go to the fields, the monsters are stealing our crops" can feel quite organic with how the map can look like once generated in this style. I guess that's the kind of sample quest that can be used to test the "ennemies are doing things on the map" and task/quest mechanic you talked about back then.

    I also feel like there's less of these "almost pixel perfect" jumps that were present up to V8 when there were a platform next to a cliff. It could really trap you with a horde of monsters back then.

    I guess V9 also tweaked the timing at wich you can counterattack after being hit. It's still hard to not being chained till they "grab" when there's more than 3 ennemies but at least it's possible to make an escape now.

    Overall, nice job on those updates. Maybe you should add colors in the blog's roadmap so people can keep track of the progress so far.
    yellow = "basic implementation done"
    green/blue = "finished for this phase"

    1. I don't think the level generation or enemies were changed at all. Just luck of the draw.

      There won't be elevation, but there will be different kinds of tiles, water, etc.

      I might color code stuff in some fashion.

      There won't really be quests, in a normal sense, since most stuff will be behavior based (aka towns might have farms, and monsters may naturally steal from them). However the extend of quests will be that entities will like or dislike certain behaviour and actions.

      There will be sort of quests (buildings with conditions, endgame bosses) but that's a long ways away.

  2. I was wondering, do you plan to add random encounters outside of the explorable areas/patches?
    I think this could be an interesting mechanics, like having "dangerous" zones or something that have a chance to trigger an encounter with rare creatures or npcs for example. Or even, maybe the chance could be affected by your condition/stats? Just an idea.

    1. There will probably be a few different kinds of events that can happen outside of areas.

  3. the dark skinned version of our PS is adorable, It's really nice to just look at the face

    1. I just realized it's like a gender bent "Forest Of The Blue

  4. Just wondering, will the game have other animals alongside the slugs? Stuff like wolves, other bugs, etc