Lufu v16

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-Night day cycle (Will add mid versions later)
-Time, clock
-Sleep, animations
-Rest of dress animations
-Clothing removal when dive, sleep.

Time doesn't do anything yet, but is a prerequisite to a bunch of stuff.
The speed of time will be adjusted as the game develops, based on needs.

The anything mentioned e_line is an old bug I'll have to fix eventually.
I think I also messed up blocking while nude.


  1. I like how cute and game-y the dress removal is.
    Pressing ALT on the overworld seems to make random-generated names pop out from you, wonder what that's for.

    1. Debug stuff left in. Was when I was programming the name generation.

  2. Could you maybe provide instructions that show which parts of the color_mod.png affect which part of the sprite? Because I, as an Amateur, can't make an even remotely coherent sprite like this.

  3. I got this crash, got hit by a goblin in mid hop
    action number 1
    of Other Event: User Defined 0
    for object gobo_ob:

    Variable oplayer_ob.e_y(100451, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Script_e_line_1
    stack frame is
    gml_Script_e_line_1 (line -1)
    called from - gml_Script_run_states (line -1) -

  4. How about some ideas? here's some few: nocturne-only enemies like bats, sword can drop like clothes do, make "parrying" more difficult and precise on execution, Different weapons with slower/faster speed attacks and damage per hit.

    Anyway, that's a very neat update!

  5. Oh, you will be able to sleep ingame? does that mean that MC could get assaulted while sleeping? anyway, the game is very nice so far!

    1. Yep. There will be conditions though.

    2. Personally I'm excitedly looking forward to sleep assault!

    3. The other way around can work too. Just imagine you find a monster asleep on guard duty, you could walk past "stelth style" or just dive on them!

  6. Can you later start to romance other monsters/humans and invite them to your home? Some wake up sex would be nice to have. =3

  7. Something I've noticed is that after performing fellatio, the cum level turns invisible after vaginal penetration. Sometimes this leads to an error. Also, I've had to abort the game after pressing 1 to gain clothes and diving several times in succession, then getting attacked by a slug.

  8. This game is exactly what I am looking for. But, I am wondering, will there be masturbation? Looking at how this game plays and how the sex animation works, it makes me think that there will be some form of mild BDSM at play with the Player being able to choose whether to be submissive or dominant, as well as having to manage the player's sexual desire.

    I love games where you have to manage sexual desire while adventuring or going about their day-to-day life, there's not a lot of H game that have this feature, and even if there is. It's very short or are in Japanese

    1. No reason why there can't be masturbation in it.

      In general there won't be any hard and fast rule for what you need to do. For example it might be that not masturbating/having sex slowly lowers desire over time, but makes you far weaker to sex when it does happen. Whereas having frequent sex might get you some sexual abilities and ways of exploiting enemies, but it comes with a stamina cost, and desire will be more of a problem, etc.

    2. Huh, I thought that you might create your own character with its own preset like some games do. Guess I was wrong.

      Does that mean you start as a fixed character with base stats that can't be modified?
      The reason I asked for masturbation is because a lot of the games that fit my taste doesn't have them, back to the topic at hand.

      Honestly, the thought that having more sex leads to less stamina sounds like an annoying game mechanic. I can deal with overwhelming desire where it makes your character masturbate involuntarily or resist less when having sex, but increased stamina cost is a no no for me.
      It makes the gameplay tedious rather than fun

    3. You wont create stats, but the statistic state of your character will shift a lot. Most stats can go up or down based on what you're trying to do.

      Everything will take stamina, and stamina refills each day. I meant that having sex costs stamina, so it would inherently cost more to have sex more. Same way cutting more trees to have more wood = more stamina cost.

    4. Have you got plans for when you've completely run out of stamina? Will some stuff "steal" stamina or is stamina only spent on attacks / dominant actions?

    5. There are two types of stamina; moment to moment stamina, and long-term stamina. Moment to moment is the bar at the bottom when you swing, and long term is what the bar at the top right will be.

      It will go down per tile when traveling across the world map, as well as with most other actions. Not sure what will happen when you run out.

      Low Stamina will probably result in a low moment to moment stamina, reduce max HP, and make certain actions unavailable (Anything that involves "spending" a large about, as opposed to small individual actions). At which point you would need to eat and sleep to bring it up again.

      Having no long-term stamina would result in knockout, which might result in capture, missing a few days, or other things.

  9. Ah cool, had a quick test play with it and the game's starting to feel a lot more alive with this I have to say! Starting to feel a bit more like a living, breathing environment with such small changes such as just being able to sleep and time in general passing.

    I personally hope to see enemies and events that exclusively happen during night time like zombies rising from the ground for example and (I'm spit-balling here) maybe even a rare shooting star that you can pray to with a well-timed button prompt kind of like in Animal Crossing where doing so gets you a rare item when you wake up the next day.

    I tested taking her clothes off whilst she was in the house and then leaving before going back in but sure enough I suppose it will be a while before you give the game a memory so to speak for the clothes to still be there.

    You know it's a bit late but the pouncing gives me a bit of an idea... How about at first, the pouncing doesn't actually remove her clothes and she uses it to hunt and capture animals? Like rabbits for example. She could slowly approach small animals (or maybe even add in a sneak button?) and once she pounces them, she can take them home to cook for food or turn into a hide for crafting or whatever. Lewd pouncing can perhaps be unlocked when the player is more sexually experienced.

    Speaking of the pouncing removing the clothes though, I really do enjoy how comic it is that the clothes just pop off like that. I wonder, if clothes can just be an item that lingers on the field, maybe there'd be monsters that it attracts or even NPCs? I can imagine some sort of underwear thief that tries to steal the player's clothes and leaves them defenceless if they aren't careful. Perhaps being able to track them down and defeat them for your stuff back plus a reward of extra money or items.

    I'm going overboard on the ideas, but I really mean it all as a compliment since this update really does breathe fresh air back into the game.

    1. Game will be pretty boring till real game-play loop starts, but luckily its getting closer.

      There will be night specific enemies.

      Pouncing for hunting might be possible.

      And yeah, the game will remember stuff more later.

  10. I found a funny bug I have dubbed, the lewd parry
    If you hold up as you run out of stamina from attacking while naked, the main character realizes you are trying to get her knocked down and lewded. While somehow brandishing her sword with her bust.

  11. Maybe I ask a stupid question, but how to sleep?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry about that, I thought it was the color palette slowing the game. Turns out my dumbass was pressing the wrong button. Great update, can't wait to see the next one!

  13. will there be bandits like humans in the night maybe or groups attacks and have sex? i really feel that this is so fun to play even if its not yet done <3 i love the animations. I was thinking about in future with making potion for health and pregnancy, will she have some sort kitchen or will she sit on the bed or floor to make it? the pigs or orcs will they have a third sex animation like the slugs?

    1. There will bandits and humans of various kinds, eventually.

      Enemies will be able to have infinite animations, so it more or less comes down to what I feel like animating on any given update. Animation updates are light at the moment since I'm mostly working on game mechanics.

      Today's update will be the orc's grounded animation, and I may do another pose for them in the future.

      Havn't though about cooking yet, though it's more likely you would need a kitchen or pot etc to cook.

  14. i think the sex bar for the hero is too small and u don't see the dick so much inside. well that might be a teaser too ^^

    1. Doesn't function yet, so I'll be thinking about it more once I get around to programming the stats and such.

  15. I have an idea for night time, or maybe an X day cycle;
    The enemies go into heat.
    deal less (or no) damage, but will initiate sex upon contact, instead of 2 hits or low stamina.
    When enemies have been "emptied out" they become docile.

    And when the game becomes more persistent, through saving.
    Can we get a way to change the enemies spawning in our housing area?
    like through planting something and using the semen inside uterus as fertilizer and the enemies that came inside are the ones that spawn the next day / reset.

    Also is it a bug that after 2 or 3 climaxes semen no longer regenerates?

    1. Enemies will have a persistent amount. Right now it's lower than it will be though.

      Enemies will move around, and there will be various ways of affecting where they go, including making houses for them.

  16. Is this game still being worked on?