This is one of those updates isn't it....

Ended up just not finishing the update in the time I expect at all. Reason it's taking longer is that I needed to

-animate cat H
-animate new enemy H
-animate new enemy
-program new enemy
-program attack grabs
-sounds for new enemy

I still have to do,

-Program new H animation type
-Program new enemy spawning based on night time
-Program fainting

At this point I may as well just leave it until next weekend.
I'm "supposed" to update regardless of progress, but when I add stuff, it feels like  a waste to add them half finished. Not sure if there's any way around it, at this point in development given that it's all still just adding framework.

Anyhow, if it's finished today (the next 10 hours) I'll upload it, but if not I'll do the rest this weekend along with the next update.


  1. ayy no sweat my guy, it happens, though im looking forward to the next update :D

  2. No problem man, your progress has been exemplary in general, and communication is key, which for the most part you do in strides between telling everyone what you're working on, and putting out these kick ass demos for everyone to try (fap to), and give comments on. Thanks for letting us know, and I'm looking forward to seeing so much content this weekend!

  3. Don't force yourself, just take your time. The more you take your time, the more perfect the game. After all, we all have patience so don't worry about it

  4. It's okay. I rather something good than rushed.

  5. Hey man its all good! I'm honestly just happy for the update!

  6. The post name almost game me a heart attack!!

  7. Phallus go down!
    DZZZzzzzzzzuuu ...

  8. "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."
    - Ablert Einstein

    1. no one is paying you for this and it's your personal project really, take your time, don't rush perfection

  9. "Worth the weight."
    - Gabe N.

  10. And that is why you should never market something as "tommorow". Even if there was just a single thing left to do, life have it's own special way to mess up shedules. xD

    If it really bother you, maybe post a preview of the new ennemy design? It's still progress counting for this update.

    As for the "grab" mechanic, does that means the ennemies will not attempt H-move on normal attack anymore? That's cool if that's the case, because you can differentiate a dangerous attack from a H-attack that may drain your endurence only if you break out of it fast enough. It's a common strategy outside of games that drain your HPs during all the "grab".

  11. An update telling us things are in the works is still an update, as a fan of your works just being informed is much appreciated.

  12. as long as you keep us up to date on how things are we dont need an updated version just so long as we know your still working on it

  13. Don't worry too much, progress is good no matter when you update! I know things seem rough because you put a deadline on your work, but sometimes we have to reschedule!

  14. delay is acceptable as long as result are good